My first shopping experience

Weekend, my mother and I go to the supermarket shopping, this time I want to be the main force.

Before you go shopping, my mother and I first prepared. We have listed the shopping list, one way or another small carts, bring a membership card, and put on the money; put on a coat, wear a hat, put on gloves, tied a scarf, stepped on shoes . In this way, the preparatory work is completed, everything is ready, just waiting for departure!
To the supermarket, I looked at the floor profile, to determine my shopping route: bread – fruit – vegetables – shrimp – meat. I give myself to pick a lemon taste bread as breakfast next week, helped her father chose his favorite slice of white bread, to help his mother chose a slice of cake; picked a few looks good pears, bananas next very fresh, but also engaged in the sale, took a go, and then packed together in a convenient pocket to weighing; I chose a Suantai as lunch entrees; audition some shrimp Phi, also intends to lunch eat; passing the deli, saw a small sausage promotion, intend to buy a bag of bread with breakfast, eat together, and should be very delicious; Finally, we go to buy meat, used to fry the garlic sprouts, my mother suggested I chose pork I chose a small strip of pork. Finished selecting these things, I took out the list and check if there slip through the net, named after one by one, and found everything here, you can go to checkout.

Cashier from the front of the long queue, I am looking for one that looks a little less team ready to checkout. When I have the bill, I put everything on the cash register, the cashier scan the bar code of each item, aunt seriously toot toot …… aunt told me a total of 104.80 yuan, my mother gave me 110 yuan, I end of the account, the aunt did not forget to look for change, and gave me a store receipts, clear above the small ticket bought me the name, unit price, quantity, total, total, to date, the customer service phone and so on. I store receipts to the mother installed I buy something, took full the car, and we went home.

This shopping, I understand the whole process of supermarket shopping, and the successful completion of the shopping, when the mother’s little helper.

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